HR Software Consultancy


At the age of digitization, and robotic technology, it is one of the biggest challenges to engage and manage a modern workforce. A good HRIS (human resource information system) or HRMS (human resource management system) manage your workforce efficiently. An HR software includes modules such as recruitment & selection, induction & on-boarding, employee profile, attendance & time management, benefit administration, compensation management, training & development, performance management, succession management, employee engagement, enterprise social media, etc.

A human resource information system (HRIS) system is an expensive and time-intensive commitment to any organization. Therefore, organizations should do their due diligence and involve the appropriate stakeholders in the evaluation and selection process. Many HRIS choices are available at different price points providing different levels of functionality. Given the importance of the choice, the employer is making, the package selected should meet its current needs and have the flexibility to grow and expand with the organization in the foreseeable future. However, constraints from budgets, hardware and time will affect the choice made. 

We assist you to select smart, functional, scalable and customized software solution as per the requirement of your company to increase business process efficiency and add value to your competitive advantage as we our experts have developed a seven-point selection method:

· Step 1: Initial Assessment

· Step 2: Assessing Organizational Needs

· Step 3: Assessing the Project Parameters

· Step 4: Evaluating Available Packages Against Needs and Project Parameters

· Step 5: Selecting the Project Committee

· Step 6: Request for Proposal (RFP)

· Step 7: Demonstration and Evaluation