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It is very true that most of the job openings never advertised and in some news, it's published that more than 70% of jobs don't advertise. How can job seekers find these jobs? We have formed strong and continued relations with some of the region's leading organizations, contractors and consultants.

If you are looking for a new job, please send your latest CV at by writing your profession in the subject.

CV Writing Service


A well-drafted professional CV is the document that gets callback sooner, land more interviews, gets the salary you deserve, gain confidence and land a job faster.

You know how important keywords are for both human readers and electronic eyes scanning your CV. A recruiter spends an average of 6 seconds on a CV. Many employers use application tracking system (ATS), to screen the CVs / Resumes and to manage the hiring process.

Our team has assisted for CV-writing service over 15,000 professionals. 

Starting from AED.150

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CV Distribution


More than 70% jobs don’t advertise and if your resume reaches to the right person on right time, the doors of opportunities will open for you. We have a database of more than 450,000 companies in the UAE and 1 million companies in GCC to distribute your CV.

We have latest data that can be filtered to target any industry, any size of company and any specific Free Zone or area in UAE. Our data is with the contact person and job title.

Our data include all industries, all UAE Free Zones, UAE Top Executives, all International Organizations in UAE and Middle East.

Starting from AED.550

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Professional Advice


  • Guide to write CV
  • Guide to find the right job
  • Interview Guide
  • Careers and Advice
  • Self-employment
  • Enrich your career reputation

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Personal Branding


Personal branding is very important in the era where you have high competition. A personalized website where you can publish your CV, your achievements, your certificates and video profile.   A personal website is attractive to be noticed by the employer. 

Starting from AED.800

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Career Advice

A professional advice to search the job and enrich your career

A CV that grabs the attention of recruiters


Your CV is your personal marketing tool to market yourself and your skills. A well written CV shows the recruiter that you are the right person. It is very important to arm your CV with achievements and your capabilities. A recruiter spends an average of 6 seconds on a CV. Many employers use application tracking system (ATS), to screen the CVs and to manage the hiring process. Keywords are important for both human readers and electronic eyes scanning your CV. Also, it is very powerful to use the correct keywords while writing your achievements, knowledge, abilities and skills.

Is my CV working?


The fundamental objective of your CV is to attract a recruiter’s interest to invite you for a job interview. Your CV could be straight away rejected due to many reasons, included but not limited to CV format that is not readable by the application tracking system, typos and grammar mistakes, and not matching current CV best practices. Go the extra mile by aligning the CV terminology with keywords from relevant job adverts and enrich information on voluntary work, courses, professional accreditations, known languages, and organizational affiliations as minimum never impressed anyone. The job-market is competitive, but a well-written CV will stand you out of the crowd. Professional CV writers can assist you with their in-depth knowledge of best practice.

Why you shouldn’t write your own CV


You are not familiar with the ATS requirements because the format you choose for your CV is highly important. The document you’ve spent hours crafting into a visual masterpiece might be rendered unintelligible nonsense if you haven’t understood the formatting requirements. 

A professional CV writer will not only check for mistakes but also ensure your CV is balanced with high-impact verbs and keywords relevant to your target role and not only looks professional, but will also be read correctly by an ATS, and thus passed on to the HR manager’s desk.Many things you don’t do in your life like flying a plane or train, making your own car or treating your sickness so why would you risk your career for a such a small investment. 

Self-employment on your CV


Mostly people feel difficulty to write the self-employment in their CV whether freelance was your primary job or a side gig because it’s tricky. Don’t worry it should be documented properly as the future is all about gig economy. The layout of your CV is critical. If your employment history isn’t documented in a clear and consistent format, the hiring manager may end up confused and shift focus to the next candidate. Write in your employment history if you had a full-time freelance job but if you did a freelance job as side gig, you might like to introduce a new section out of your employment history. It is better to craft a title that is descriptive and immediately tells a prospective employer exactly what you do instead of simply writing freelancer.

Value of volunteer work into your CV


Searching a job is to market your services, so how can you grab the attention and get the competitive edge? Volunteer work provides a vital addition to any CV. But there is a proper way to include your volunteer work in your CV. If you have a sizable gap on your CV from your last role, volunteer work is a perfectly beneficial buffer to fail, but it is necessary to mention the learned skills related to your profession. In today’s competitive environment, companies want to know that your self-motivation and passion to profession extends beyond the perks.

Handling uncomfortable questions about job search


There’s no doubt that being a job seeker can be tough and it can be worse If you’re unemployed, handling uncomfortable questions from your family, friends, and loved ones about your search. Its mental torture when people asking; how’s the job hunt going so far, why don’t you the opportunity to retain, and many more. Keep as calm as possible and ask the person whether they have any tips. Chances are that the person is simply worried about you and wants to help you move forward.

Don’t ask these questions at the end of your job interview


Asking questions at the end of an interview is good for learning more about the role and establishing a winning interest. But asking the wrong questions could ruin your impression.

  • Do you conduct background checks?
  • What is the sick leave policy?
  • What is the attendance policy?
  • Did I get the job, how was my interview?
  • Do you have any other positions available?

A follow-up after the interview can create the difference


It is a good habit to get the email address of everyone in the interview room and say thank you, and email after the interview to express the gratitude. A reminder to the interviewer about your personal attributes and skills most relevant to the position, and, re-emphasize your passion for the role plays a vital role. It is also better to add a little apology to mention anything critical you forget to inform during the interview. Being a human if you made a mistake during the interview or test, you can send an apology email. Also, a post interview email gives you an opportunity to ask any question. A bright and concise follow-up email is attractive to be noticed by the employer.

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