Legal and Intellectual Property Consultancy



It is very important for the organizations to stay legal. Policies and processes to comply with local and international laws plays a vital role. Enrich Talent have a team of legal counselors who provide you legal advice and assistance as per your business need. Usually, legal advice is very expensive, but we have experts who will make this job competitive that will give you real value of your money and peace of mind. We also provide consultancy to our clients in brand selection, brand name availability, and services to protect and secure their intellectual property. 

Our consultants are highly qualified and experienced to guide you for the maximum level of protection for intellectual property. We assist you for intellectual property registration, including trademark, patent, copyright, design, domain name, franchising & distribution issues and litigation & enforcement. We are your partner to protect your goodwill and provide you the true value of your money. We have intellectual property protection partner offices are in UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Oman, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Pakistan, Sudan, Lebanon, Qatar, Tanzania and Canada.