Performance Review



The performance management is highly important to set the direction of an organization, align employees’ efforts in the organizational direction, review performance, set improvement plan, achieve the common goals and the success of the organization.

Performance management is an ongoing organizational process that is conducted to maximize the productivity of employees with the overall intention of improving the organization’s effectiveness by cascading organizational goals and objectives to the individual employee level.

Before we design a performance review system, it is important to know why you want. Historically, HR professionals have designed and implemented reviews for a variety of reasons and many of the reasons are debatable, there are three reasons that manager and HR professionals should be able to agree upon:

1. Clarifying job duties, performance expectations, and goals.

2. Summarizing past performance discussions.

3. Providing a blueprint for future performance.

Performance management process:

  1. Performance planning.
  2. Performance execution.
  3. Performance assessment.
  4. Performance review.
  5. Performance Improvement Plan
  6. Performance renewal and re-contracting

Performance management process has two important fundamentals.

  1. First, strategic planning must be completed because the performance management process builds on an organization’s      goals. Once organizational goals are established, employee goals cascade from there. An important objective of the performance management process is to enhance employees’ contributions to the organization’s goals. 
  2. The second requirement is a thorough understanding of the job. This is done through job analysis. In today’s highly competitive and technology-driven environment, regular job analysis is very important.

Enrich Talent professionals are not giving you simple performance review forms to use, as they understand that a software firm is different from an accounting firm a hospital is different from a fashion brand. The process starts with evaluating the organization and then designing a performance review system that includes; introductory period review, self-assessment, job trait or competence based review, supervisors and management review, upward review, 360-degree review, exempt employee review, job specific review, and many more with dozens of methods.