Services and Consultancy


Human Resources Consultancy

Human Resource Management is an organization's design of formal systems that ensures the effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish organizational goals. We provide HR consultancy that adds value to your business and provide you a competitive advantage.

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HR Outsourcing

In the age of gig economy, temporary, flexible jobs are commonplace, and companies tend toward hiring independent contractors and freelancers of full-time employees to meet the business objectives in a competitive environment.

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HR Department Setup and Manual

In such a competitive and challenging environment successful companies need to be adaptive, quick to change direction and customer-centered. The effectiveness of the HR department is crucial to business success.  The HR department plays a backbone role in the overall company direction and the accomplishment of its goals and objectives. 

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Recruitment & Selection

Enrich Talent recruitment and selection is based on attitude,  competency and cultural fit.  A bad hire is a high cost to companies. Employment life cycle (ELC) starts from recruitment and selection and our hiring process starts from the company workforce planning, need analysis, cultural fit and up-to induction. 

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Training, Learning and Development​

Training is a program that helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles. Development is about employee growth and future performance, rather than an immediate job role. Enrich Talent provides customized training as per your business needs. 

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Total Reward and Salary Survey

Total Rewards encompass direct and indirect remuneration approaches that employers use to attract, recognize and retain workers. Total Rewards are financial and non-financial. Financial Compensation includes direct pay, incentives and benefits. Non-financial Compensation includes job contents and job environment. Enrich Talent team is highly qualified and experienced to assist your organization.

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Performance Management System

 The performance management is highly important to set the direction of an organization, align employees’ efforts in the organizational direction, review performance, set improvement plan, achieve the common goals and the success of the organization.

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Communication & Enterprise Social Network

Communication is the backbone for the success of any organization and in the age of social networking, enterprise social network is highly important to engage your team at work.

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HR Software Consultancy

At the age of digitization, and robotic technology, it is one of the biggest challenges to engage and manage a modern workforce. A good HRIS or HRMS manage your workforce efficiently. 

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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is in terms of organizational commitment (a desire to stay with the organization in the future) and employees’ willingness to “go the extra miles,” which includes extra-role behavior and extra effort that promotes the effective functioning of the entire organization. Only 34% in USA and 13% worldwide, workers are engaged at work as per the Gallup data.

Enrich Talent conduct employee satisfaction and engagement surveys, and provides you the consultancy to engage your team. 

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Business Operations Documents & Support

Companies use documents to communicate, transact business and analyze its productivity. Since documents provide proof of an organization’s dealings and professionalism, it is important that they are well written. Business documents range from brief email messages to complex legal agreements. Some documents are prepared by employees and business owners, while others are drafted by professionals from outside of the company, such as accountants and lawyers.

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Management Audits & Certifications

We are providing world class consultancy to improve your business processes, standards and ultimately to get certificates of all major international standards, i.e. ISO, HACCP, BRC, IFS, HALAL and many more.

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Legal Counsellor and Intellectual Property

It is very important to comply with the business rules of the country. A well written business agreement/contract can reduce your business risk. Also, it is important to protect your intellectual property and know your rights. We provide you all kinds of legal assistance from the country registered legal counsellor.

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